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HS Training begins to take shape in 2015 due to the constant growth of our commercial salvage and diving division. Given the high standards we work with, the next natural step was to be able to provide training under international standards. This allows us to raise awareness and knowledge about the dangers and risks of commercial diving and its mitigations using the best industry practices worldwide. In 2019 we began to be an independent entity with its own team and staff and began getting more international attention.

The center has a classroom with a projector, and a controlled environment to carry out diving practices in a pool and a cuarry. As outstanding equipment we can name our own air and oxygen control panels, charging station for air cylinders, high pressure compressors for breathable air, air lifts, eductors, underwater communication equipment, equipment and first aid (EAD , spinal boards, etc.), diving helmets and masks. Thanks to our agreements with renowned companies in the sector, our training center benefits from other equipment, such as DDC (hyperbaric chamber), ultrasonic thickness gauge, mobile diving station, amongst many other elements. The training center allows you to practice in real conditions. In this way our students can experience in a concrete way the different equipment used in the diving industry, providing the best tools at our disposal to better face the current business market, in constant expansion.

We are members of the Association of Diving Contactors International (ADCI) and the International Diving School Association (IDSA). These memberships assure the student that our study programs are designed under international diving standards, with proven quality and recognition.

Our instructors are trained with real experience in the field of work allowing students to transmit not only theory, but also good work practices.

All this allows us to provide our students, training in topics such as professional diving under ANSI standards, torque and tension under ASME standards, cutting and welding under OGP guidelines, diving supervisor according to IMCA recommendations, and many more.