Address: P.O. Box 89686 Ware House # 2 Al Qusais Industrial Area # 3
Country: U.A.E.
Contact Person: Mr. Bhagtha Madhavan
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Phone: +971 4 294 9597
Mobile: +971504455997 / +44 7544 000000
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AQUA SUBSEA DIVING SERVICES LTD is an independent Private Company, a leading underwater services provider was founded in 2018 and has a registered office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

AQUA SUBSEA DIVING SERVICES LTD is an established global subject matter expert who specialize in Underwater Diving and ROV operations, offering innovative solutions to ensure Client requirements and expectations are met in the Middle East, Africa and Asian regions.

We build our organization on people who are professional, competent and committed to the job and offer them a safe, healthy and dynamic working environment in which they can develop their skills and increase their efficiency. 

We are offer different services which includes, Commercial Underwater Diving, Marine Construction, ROV Surveys, Marine Salvage, Vessel Inspection and Repair works, Geotextile Installation etc.