Address: P Loewenorns Vej, Nyholm, DK 1439 Copenhagen K
Country: Denmark
Contact Person: Lieutenant Commander Mik Daniel Solvborg
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +45 72 85 57 03
Mobile: +45 41 72 92 85
Website URL: Royal Danish Naval Diving Centre
Ref No. FF06

The Royal Danish Naval Diving Centre has educated divers since the year 1883. It is placed at the old Naval Base Holmen about 2 km from the Town Hall of Copenhagen.
It is held in an historical area, in a renovated 200 year-old building originally belonging to the old shipbuilding yard.

The Centre offers the following education for military and civilian personnel: 

Fundamental training:

Surface supplied diving to 50 m with open bell 
SCUBA - diving to 30 m 

Specialist modules

Underwater welding and cutting 
Underwater blasting  

Modules for surface personnel: 

Course for tender/linesmen 
First aid related to diving, 
Chamber Operator and hyperbaric treatment 
Course for doctors in hyperbaric medicine

The language of all education is Danish