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The OCÉANOS training contains the current vision of the professional diving industry with the aim that students acquire the knowledge required in the sector to access the increasingly demanding job market. To combine training and safety is one of the goals of the school.

The objective is to ensure that every graduate is a skilled, motivated and employable asset for the diving industry.

Official certificates issued by the Generalitat de Catalunya under the conditions laid down for the exercise of professional diving in the Decree of Catalonia 54/2012, 22nd May, valid at state level and internationally recognised according to the terms set in the Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament.

  • Scuba & Surface Supplier air diver to 30m
  • Surface supplier air diver  & Wet bell system to 50m
  • Surface Supplier mixed gases diver 

The application of the safety and risk prevention standards during the training is one of the main concerns. Professional diving entails risks that other professions do not have. Consequently, it is important that students acquire knowledge and standards of conduct that help them act with their own judgment and following the working protocols that companies require.